Hi my name is Car from the Philippines. I discovered Paleo and Crossfit in 2011. From then on there was no turning back. I cooked my way to fitness, for me that’s the only way to stay healthy.

I’m a Weightlifter, Boxer, Runner, Surfer, and a coffee addict. I have 2 lovable Cats their names are Katniss and Cooper.
Ok back to Paleo.

What is Paleo? (Paleolithic Diet or Cavaman Diet)

I eat real food – fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruit. I choose foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition. And food quality is important – I’m careful about where my meat, seafood and eggs come from, and buy organic local produce as often as possible.

This is not a “diet” – I eat as much as I need to maintain strength, energy, activity levels and a healthy body weight. I aim for well-balanced nutrition, so I eat both animals and a significant amount of plants. I’m not lacking carbohydrates – I just get them from vegetables and fruits instead of rice, bread, cereal or pasta. And my meals are probably higher in fat than you’d imagine, but fat is a healthy source of energy when it comes from high-quality foods like avocado, coconut and grass-fed beef.

Eating like this is ideal for maintaining a healthy metabolism and reducing inflammation within the body. It’s good for body composition, energy levels, sleep quality, mental attitude and quality of life. It helps eliminate sugar cravings and reestablishes a healthy relationship with food. It also works to minimize your risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and autoimmune.

Paleo and CrossFit is now my lifestyle.

Please feel free to browse from the Categories and enjoy the Journey!

your paleo friend,





6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. hi tita marica! i’m following your blog, so please post some easy recipes that i can follow on my own that are for kids. luv ya! i’ll show you my blog naman pag kita kita tayao ulit 🙂 – sopya

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